Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening: Health and Safety

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening

9. Health and Safety

We didn't have much to deal with to do with health and safety.

We are all capable of doing basic free running moves, for example, climbing, jumping, vaulting etc.

We filmed in an abandoned estate which was kind of a safety issue, but there was at least six of us filming and we kept checking our surroundings for other people and suspicious behaviour.

Although we were all capable of performing the certain tasks we had to do, an accident could have occurred causing us to get an injury, and being in the abandoned estate, if an accident did happen and the ambulance needed to be called it would be hard for them to get to the injured person.

This would also be a problem if the police were needed, being in an abandoned estate, gangs or members of gangs may hang about in those areas, and if they would have mugged or stabbed any of us for example, the police would struggle getting in.

We knew these risks and took caution to them and all went well.

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