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The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Health and Safety

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

9. Health and Safety

There wasn't really any health and safety issues that we had to take into account. I can only think of two possible issues that we could have come across. One being the fight for the chair, and when Louis fell off of the bin. These aren't very major issues because the risk of injury or safety wasnt high.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Storyboard

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

8. Storyboard

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Overview

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

7. Overview

Environment - To establish our environment, we needed to include long shots and panning shots, which we did.

Information - The way we gave information was through the form of questions and answers. We came up with a general understanding of what we wanted to be said during the video, and let the actors improvise on what they wanted to say.

Movement - The characters moved as anyone else would on their way to, during and after an interview. Specific shots comprehended this movement, for example, the long shot at the opening scene, or the panning shot just after that.

Point of View - Point of view changed during this video as to who was speaking.

Eye lines - significant eye lines include the stare off, just before the characters fight for the chair. Eye lines also include when the questions were being asked and answered.

Shots - Shots change due to the characters movement, and point of view changes. There are also a few random shot changes to make it a bit more dynamic.

Relationships - A close relationships shows between the two interviewees because they back each other up when making points, they walked to the interview together, and then at the end they hug.

Critical Points - Critical points include the door opening to the office, which included match-on-action, the stare before the chair, which included shot/reverse shot. Getting different point of views was important whilst asking questions so the audience didn't get confused to who was speaking and to who it was aimed at. The part where Louis falls of the chair was quite a critical point because it was very humorous.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Props/Costumes

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

6. Props/Costumes

This is what Louis was wearing in the video. What he was wearing was relevant to the video as we needed suits because it was an interview, which requires formal wear. (Louis' jacket was inside out during the video, this added to the sense of stupidity).

This is what Michael was wearing in the video. He too was wearing formal clothes, which was helpful as formal clothes were needed in this video.

This was the hat Michael was wearing in the video, we chose for him to wear a hat because he was wearing it at the time, and thought it would contrast the formal clothes he was wearing, giving a sense of stupidity.

Michael was wearing this jacket during the video, he was also wearing it inside out which added to the stupidity. He was wearing the jacket at the time and we thought it would be a good idea if he kept it on.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Film Opening

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

5. Film Opening

Theme - The video didn't really have a specific theme, just comedy, which was the genre. Stupidity is the closest thing that I can determine as a theme.

Mood Progressions - The video tends to get stupider and sillier as it goes on. The behaviour of the interviewees seems to exaggerates the video comes closer to the end.

Location - Each main sequence had a different location, this is because the characters were moving through different locations to get to the main location, which was the office.

Statements - Each location should give a statement in increasing stupidity, giving a concluding statement at the end which is quite exaggerated compared to the first.

Lighting - Natural lighting will be used for each shot, this is because we are filming in an area which has quite a lot of windows, and we are filming during the day.

Props - We were given no props for any of the sets, besides the main set, which was the office area. We took advantage of the open area, and use tables, chairs, bins and our own equipment such as iPads, iPhones, stationary and paper. We also used our own clothes, which we were wearing anyway.

Belongings - The only character which had belongings around them was  the interviewer, who had iPads, iPhones, stationary and paper. This was because it was an office, and needed to be equipped with things that would be in an office, and these were the things we had on us ready to use.

Clothes - Each character had their own clothes to wear. We wear suits, and this was relevant to the video, as it was for an interview. One of our interviewees had their suit jacket turned inside out, this was to add towards the stupidity and silliness.

Colour - There was no specific colour palette set for this video.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Location

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video
4. Location

This is the long corridor that we used for the opening scene of our video. We chose to use this location as it is quite long and will give the audience a chance to gather a first impression of the interviewees.

This is what the corridor leads to, this section was good to shoot in as it gives a chance to use a panning shot across the room. This will give an understanding of the surroundings to the viewer.

This is what leads towards the door that the interview takes place. This was a good location to shoot as the camera can be hold still, and capture quite a bit of movement. The natural light in this location was good as it helped to create an atmosphere.

This is the room we used to hold the interview. We used this room as it was always available, had good natural light and was a good room to use. The natural light coming through the window allowed us to shoot any kind of shot from any angle without having any lighting issues. This is what the room looked like before we set it up.

This is the interview room, set up as the office that we are going to use to hold the interview. We chose to set it up like this because this is what we imagined the office should look. We undertook no problems during shooting concerning location.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Inspiration

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

3. Inspiration

We were greatly inspired by a scene in the film, Step Brothers. This specific scene included many different interviews, where the characters were immature and being humorous. We took inspiration from this film because we all enjoy comedy, and wanted to try making one.

This is the scene from the movie that we took inspiration from

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Roles and Responsibilites

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media

2.Roles and Responsibilities

As a group(Jamie, Jack and Daisy), we all were responsible for coming up with the overall concept and idea, including shots, and how scenes will be shot.
Jamie and Jack were mainly were responsible for the shooting if the video, executing the shots, angles and shooting techniques.
Jamie was responsible for the editing of the video, but had Jack to refer to on how the video looks whilst editing.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: How and Why

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

1. How and Why

We came up with a concept for a video as we discussed thoughts and ideas as a group. Once we were happy with our initial idea, we started to gather an understanding on what the characters in the video will be saying, and how the scenes will be shot.
Lastly, we developed our ideas further into including specific techniques in which we needed to used in the making of the video.

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Final Video

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video