Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A2 Music Video: Storyboard Draft

 A2 Music Video:

Storyboard Draft

We used post it notes to create a draft storyboard

We done this by listening to the song and drawing on  post it notes as  to what will happen in that shot, using the music to choreograph how the video will look.

We used post it notes in this way so that we can easily re arrange the order of the video and easily change the post it note if we do not like how it is.

(The order of the post it goes from left to right)

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  1. The idea of using post it notes for the storyboard is a good one because you can rearrange the order as you decide on how your video is going to go, however it is quite difficult to see each post on the blog. Next time you could consider taking photos of each individual post it to make it more clear.