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A2 Music Video:- Questionnaire Analysis (Demographics and Psychographics)

A2 Music Video

Questionnaire Analysis (Demographics and Psychographics)

From this, we can see that we will be aiming our video towards the younger generation demographic, such as teenagers and young adults. We have noticed that this age range are more interested in street dance/breakdance and hip hop and R&B, therefore we will be stylizing our video to meet these requirements.

We have also found that a narrative and performance music videos are liked by our audience, therefore we will be including narrative and performance elements in our video. Lastly, we have found our specific target audience, being middle class teenagers, so we will have to aim our video specifically towards them. It is quite difficult to aim a music video at a particular demographic, but perhaps we could ensure that the clothing and style is appropriate to that of the middle class (on the socio economic scale, this would typically be B and C1 social grade).

One of the most preferred attributes of music videos was fast cut editing. Therefore we will try to include quite a bit of editing to please our audience. We have also found that most of our audience watches music videos on YouTube, using a phone, tablet or laptop. This is why we will be uploading our video to YouTube rather than any of the other sites available for video sharing.

We will attempt to aim our music video towards the "Aspirer" psychographic according to the Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation. These people are typically materialistic, interested in fashion and orientated to extrinsic people. This means that we will include elements of people succeeding in making their lives better through materialistic means.

Demographic Groups

Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation Psychographics

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