Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A2 Music Video:- Music Video Analysis [Macklemore - "Can't Hold Us"]

A2 Music Video

Music Video Analysis [Macklemore - "Can't Hold Us"]

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  1. Hey Jamie.

    P: The Prezi slide is very good. I like the way you have laid it out as a venn diagram to highlight and explore the hybidity of genres within the music video.

    A: Of course, there is always room for improvement. You get's across the main ideas and style of the music video, but a couple of teaks could be made:

    Action 1: Stay away from generic comments like "Making them want to watch more" or waffle like "dominantly strange." Try to be more precise.

    Action 2: The analysis could be more detailed. Try to explore the connotations -- e.g. why has the director used a particular combination of animals in an urban environment? What effect does it have? How does it promote the artist/song?