Thursday, 6 March 2014

A2 Music Video:- Music Video Draft #5

A2 Music Video

Music Video Draft #5

In this draft video, I made a lot of the scenes shorter, which would make the video flow faster and more fluently. Not only did I do this, I also added some more zoomed and panning shots to some that wee still for quite a while to try and break it up and give it some more movement. I also added in the song title and artists name in the beginning of the video. Doing this makes the video seem more professional. Not only does it make the video seem more professional, but I also made sure that I used one of the fonts that I used in my digipak and poster, this increases the consistency in the different forms of media. Lastly, I added the Logo for the album at the end of the video, I done this so that there is more consistency in the digipak, poster and music video, which allows people to link the three together.

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