Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Location

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video
4. Location

This is the long corridor that we used for the opening scene of our video. We chose to use this location as it is quite long and will give the audience a chance to gather a first impression of the interviewees.

This is what the corridor leads to, this section was good to shoot in as it gives a chance to use a panning shot across the room. This will give an understanding of the surroundings to the viewer.

This is what leads towards the door that the interview takes place. This was a good location to shoot as the camera can be hold still, and capture quite a bit of movement. The natural light in this location was good as it helped to create an atmosphere.

This is the room we used to hold the interview. We used this room as it was always available, had good natural light and was a good room to use. The natural light coming through the window allowed us to shoot any kind of shot from any angle without having any lighting issues. This is what the room looked like before we set it up.

This is the interview room, set up as the office that we are going to use to hold the interview. We chose to set it up like this because this is what we imagined the office should look. We undertook no problems during shooting concerning location.

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