Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Film Opening

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

5. Film Opening

Theme - The video didn't really have a specific theme, just comedy, which was the genre. Stupidity is the closest thing that I can determine as a theme.

Mood Progressions - The video tends to get stupider and sillier as it goes on. The behaviour of the interviewees seems to exaggerates the video comes closer to the end.

Location - Each main sequence had a different location, this is because the characters were moving through different locations to get to the main location, which was the office.

Statements - Each location should give a statement in increasing stupidity, giving a concluding statement at the end which is quite exaggerated compared to the first.

Lighting - Natural lighting will be used for each shot, this is because we are filming in an area which has quite a lot of windows, and we are filming during the day.

Props - We were given no props for any of the sets, besides the main set, which was the office area. We took advantage of the open area, and use tables, chairs, bins and our own equipment such as iPads, iPhones, stationary and paper. We also used our own clothes, which we were wearing anyway.

Belongings - The only character which had belongings around them was  the interviewer, who had iPads, iPhones, stationary and paper. This was because it was an office, and needed to be equipped with things that would be in an office, and these were the things we had on us ready to use.

Clothes - Each character had their own clothes to wear. We wear suits, and this was relevant to the video, as it was for an interview. One of our interviewees had their suit jacket turned inside out, this was to add towards the stupidity and silliness.

Colour - There was no specific colour palette set for this video.

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