Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Overview

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

7. Overview

Environment - To establish our environment, we needed to include long shots and panning shots, which we did.

Information - The way we gave information was through the form of questions and answers. We came up with a general understanding of what we wanted to be said during the video, and let the actors improvise on what they wanted to say.

Movement - The characters moved as anyone else would on their way to, during and after an interview. Specific shots comprehended this movement, for example, the long shot at the opening scene, or the panning shot just after that.

Point of View - Point of view changed during this video as to who was speaking.

Eye lines - significant eye lines include the stare off, just before the characters fight for the chair. Eye lines also include when the questions were being asked and answered.

Shots - Shots change due to the characters movement, and point of view changes. There are also a few random shot changes to make it a bit more dynamic.

Relationships - A close relationships shows between the two interviewees because they back each other up when making points, they walked to the interview together, and then at the end they hug.

Critical Points - Critical points include the door opening to the office, which included match-on-action, the stare before the chair, which included shot/reverse shot. Getting different point of views was important whilst asking questions so the audience didn't get confused to who was speaking and to who it was aimed at. The part where Louis falls of the chair was quite a critical point because it was very humorous.

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