Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video: Props/Costumes

The Interview - Preliminary Exercise AS Media Video

6. Props/Costumes

This is what Louis was wearing in the video. What he was wearing was relevant to the video as we needed suits because it was an interview, which requires formal wear. (Louis' jacket was inside out during the video, this added to the sense of stupidity).

This is what Michael was wearing in the video. He too was wearing formal clothes, which was helpful as formal clothes were needed in this video.

This was the hat Michael was wearing in the video, we chose for him to wear a hat because he was wearing it at the time, and thought it would contrast the formal clothes he was wearing, giving a sense of stupidity.

Michael was wearing this jacket during the video, he was also wearing it inside out which added to the stupidity. He was wearing the jacket at the time and we thought it would be a good idea if he kept it on.

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