Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening: Roles and Responsibilities

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening

2. Roles and Responsibilities

Jamie - I will be mainly responsible for the editing. Editing is one of my main skills in which I
can offer, I am the most familiar and experienced members of the group in the editing field.
Me and some of the actors will be choreographing the chase scene in which includes parkour. Jack and some friends and I are responsible for finding the locations we need to shoot at. for this we will be travelling, and shooting up at London.

Jack - Jack will mainly be responsible for filming, and getting the camera angles/shots. Jack will be mainly responsible for the shooting of the film as he will not be in the film.

All - We will all contribute towards ideas for camera angles/shots, how the scenes will link together, opinions on how the film should look whilst editing, the script.
This is because we are a team and cannot allow one person to make major decisions like this by themself, we may not agree on someones specific idea, but as a team we can discuss an idea untill we all agree on it.

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