Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening: Inspiration

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening

3. Inspiration
The Edge - AS Level Media Studies Opening Sequence by Rory Campbell
This specific video gave us the inspiration of including a chase.
I like the idea of including a chase because it involves action, and looks fun to shoot and edit.
I came across this video as i was stuck for ideas on what to base my video around and was looking at other peoples AS Media 2 minute film opening videos.
Storm Freerun - Volume 1
Storm Freerun are a group of free runners from the UK. We have been inspired by them because in our opinion they are the best free running group around and perform excellently in their sport.
We came across this video as we decided that we would like to include free running in our video, as opposed to roller blades in the first video.

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