Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening: Locations

The Run - 2 Minute Film Opening

4. Locations
The first location we shot at was in Cheshunt School, EB8 9LY

This was the first scene we shot, in Cheshunt School. This room/laboratory was in the science block, room 32, Miss Lein's classroom

Elephant and Castle, Deacon way estate.
We used an abandoned estate in Elephant and Castle to film in. A lot of people film videos for various different things here, vlogs, music videos and many other things.

The opening scene is filmed on a walkway which leads on to houses among the walkway. We decided to use this location as it is quirky, remote and may raise questions among the audience.

These are the stairs which leads to the walkway in the previous scene. We decided we should use this location as it slowly starts the chase and people may be confused if we go from a walkway, straight to ground level.

 This scene follows on from the stairs, and leads to the courtyard/public garden. This scene is open and shows the audience the environment, showing the other people in the scene who may be a danger to the runner.

 This scene is similar to the previous and follows on to location which we are running through. We added thsi shot as it may cause slight confusion going from a wide, open space, to a smaller area in the next scene.

 This scene is where the courtyard/public garden is. These buildings are rooms from the houses in the flats. This scene shows a character at the top of the walkway, viewers may see this and question it. This will make the audience wonder if there was a reason the character was included in the shot.

 This scene is the same as the one before. The camera is just angled higher up. The character is standing along the balcony/walkway which leads to the doors of the houses. This shot shows the character looking at the people who are running. This shot shows significance to this character, answering the questions people may have.

 This is the wall which borders the courtyard/public garden. This scene is just behind the camera in the previous scene. This scene allows a bit of parkour to be introduced into the video, adding parkour to a chase will intensify the action genre. 

 This walkway is right beside the the courtyard/public garden, as you can see from the previous photo. I feel that this shot adds very well to the genre, which is why we included it.

 This is the courtyard/public garden, this is an open area where the chase can continue. We decided to use this area as we found a spot in which we could incorporate a climb which would add to the action genre.
This is the final shot and location of the video, (the previous two shots/locations are just shots from the walkway looking towards the courtyard/public garden), we wanted to raise questions among the viewers with the final shot. Does the runner get caught? where do they run to next? Do they continue to run? etc. These questions will make the viewers want to watch the rest of the film, which is what we aimed to do.

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